sampling, R&D, assistance centre

Adop France is equiped with injection blow and extrusion blow machines, which enables us to :
- meet our customers' exacting requirements
- validate prototypes without locking up our customers' ressources
- sample and validate most of your new production moulds
- train engineers and operators in house
- developp new technical solutions
- to be partner in working on new plastics, additives, colouring agents, peripherals, surface coatings, with manufacturers and clients

A mobile service team helps you to get started and assists you in the long-run.

Our sampling centre is equiped with :
- 2 injection blow moulding machines (An all electric NSB650 Novapax machine, & an all electric Meccanoplastica Jet 60)
- 1 extrusion blow moulding machine (Comec MSC 5L)
- 2 chillers
- 10 heaters (oil and water)
- 2 thermoregulators SISE 16 and 4 zones
- 1 coloring unit
- 1 dryer (PET)
- air supply up to 25 bars
- a wall thickness measurer
- a compression and traction testing machine

We can sample moulds for all plastics (except PVC): HDPE, LDPE, PP, PET, PCTA, PA, PC, ...