production equipment

Owing to regular investment, we have a multi-functional NC machine park, at the cutting edge of technological innovation :
- 5 high speed milling centre (3 and 4 axis)
- 1 large capacity milling machine (4 axis)
- 3 NC lathes 3 axis
- 1 NC cylindrical grinding machine
- 2 NC plane grinding machine
- 2 NC EDM machine
- 1 NC Wire EDM machine
- 1 CMM 3D machine
- 1 polishing and assembling workshop

Our ambitious training program has given us a highly experienced, qualified and pro-activ team.

A permanent technological survey and many trials with cutters' suppliers enables us to offer maximum productivity.

Our dedicated ERP for both control and traceability of our activity, guarantee our lead time.

The potential of an industrial group, efficient partners and sub contractors will offer you quick reaching.

We are proud of the importance we give to our official and controlled reprocessing of the industrial waste circuit.